Dial-in Your Grip with Classic Surf Wax

Surf wax provides a familiar, customizable grip for wakesurfers who transition from traditional surfing. It allows you to tailor the traction level to water temperature and riding style by choosing the appropriate wax formula. For advanced riders, strategically applied wax can enhance maneuvers and board feel.

Pros: Highly customizable, familiar feel for surfers, good board feel.

Cons: Requires reapplication (especially in changing water temperatures), messy, can stain surfaces.

Experience the Clean Grip of Our Wax-less Traction Pad

Jackpine's wax-less traction pad offers the superior grip of surf wax in a convenient, low-maintenance package. This textured pad provides excellent traction in all water conditions without the mess or hassle of applying and reapplying wax. The wax-less sticker conforms comfortably to the deck of your board, and looks great too!

Pros: Easy to use, clean and low-maintenance, good traction in all water temperatures.

Cons: Not as customizable as wax, may not offer the same level of board feel for experienced surfers.