Jackpine Wakesurf boards are hand built in the USA using traditional surfboard construction with the highest quality materials.  We want your board to perform at it's best for a long time, so here are some tips to keep your wakesurf board in great shape:


When not in use, store your surfboard out of direct sunlight and excessive heat as this can lead to discoloration or delamination.  Keeping your board in a shaded area will prevent the EPS core from becoming unstable and damaging the surfboard.


Always begin surfing in the water.  Starting with any part of a surfboard on a platform or dock will void the warranty.


Fin Installation & Maintenance 

All Jackpine Wakesurf boards are equipped with Futures Fin systems. 


Secure fins before each use.  Loose fins can cause damage to the fin box and foam core. 


Repairing Your Surfboard


Fiberglass and epoxy construction creates a durable product, however, accidents happen. 


If the outer epoxy layer cracks, or is punctured, a repair is needed prior to contact with water.  The damage needs to be sealed to prevent water from reaching the EPS core.  Epoxy repair kits can be purchased from most surf shops and online.  We suggest Solarez Epoxy Repair (solarez.com).


For large cracks or major damage, you may need to find a professional repair shop.  


Please reach us by email at info@jackpinewakesurf.com if you have any questions, concerns or for repair estimates.

At Jackpine Wakesurf, we stand behind our products with industry-leading warranties and accessible customer service.  Each Jackpine Wakesurf board includes a 90 day manufacturer warranty against defects in workmanship or materials on all new wakesurf boards from the original purchase date.  The warranty applies only to wakesurf boards that have been purchased from an authorized Jackpine Wakesurf dealer.  If a product is found to be defective by Jackpine Wakesurf, in it's sole discretion, Jackpine Wakesurf will be responsible to provide a credit, repair or replacement of the defective product.  Jackpine Wakesurf is not responsible for any costs, losses or damages incurred as a result of loss or use of the product.  This warranty is only valid for the original purchaser and is non transferable.  Customer is responsible for any shipping and insurance cost involved in returning the warranty claim goods to Jackpine Wakesurf.



 (Note: Blemish or Demo boards sold at discount are not covered under warranty)

  • A result of an accident or impact.
  • Extended exposure to sun/heat/high temperatures.
  • Contact with chemicals that react with epoxy resins or EPS foam (NOTE: use only epoxy resins to repair dings.  Polyester and other resins or materials may react with materials in epoxy surfboards and cause severe damage.)
  • Dock and/or platform starts.
  • Intentional breakage.
  • Normal wear.
  • Any condition other than delamination due to defects in materials or workmanship.


Contact info@jackpinewakesurf.com and include a few pictures and a brief description of the problem you are having with your board. If the problem is deemed to be a defect in the surfboard covered by our warranty, you will be issued a Return Authorization number. Ship the board back to Jackpine Wakesurf LLC and include a copy of the sales receipt and your RA number.